TIME is an active research group with a number of initiatives. Below, you'll find an overview of TIME's initiatives. As a research group, TIME is continuously working towards the development of groundbreaking research and creating graduates with the capacity to understand and create value from digitalization.

I4L stands for Innovation for Leadership. A program developed by members from the TIME group. I4L is targeted leaders from the Danish business sector. The objective of the program is to inspire leaders and to provide them with an overview of specific methods and tools to exploit digitalization.

The European Blockchain Center's mission is to become the leading institution that understands, creates, and realizes Blockchain-based solutions in a cross-industry and cross-disciplinary private public partnership to generate value for society.
The Blockchain Summer School was the first of its kind to take place worldwide in 2016 at the IT University of Copenhagen. Attending the Blockchain Summer School is a great opportunity for participants to learn and develop solutions for industry. Participants will learn how blockchain technology is disrupting existing business models and gain insights into the paradigmatic changes that occur from an economic, organizational, and computer science point of view.
BUILD - is the business innovation lab at the IT University of Copenhagen. BUILD functions as the interface between students, researchers and industry. The lab was developed in 2016 by members from the TIME research group. A multitude of activities, such as hackathons, lectures and workshops have taking place since then. Click on the logo to learn more about BUILD.